Teenagers, who are 14 ½ years of age or older, are eligible to enroll in Driver Education. With this announcement, I would like to invite you to discover the benefits of having your son or daughter taught and trained at S.O.S. Driving School. Our philosophy is not to get young drivers licensed just for added convenience and mobility, but much more importantly, help them become safe and responsible drivers.

At S.O.S., we teach 45 topics of essential knowledge and skills recommended by the Department of Education for Idaho teen drivers and use up-to-date teaching methods to ensure that each student gains the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes. Then behind the wheel, we make sure they always try to practice correctly what they know. By always trying to do things correctly, the students develop safe and responsible driving habits that make them who they need to be—safe and responsible driver.

Here are some more reasons to take Driver Education from S.O.S. Driving School:

  • Twenty-six years of professional educating experience within Public Education.
  • Twenty-three years of professional educating experience within Driver Education
  • Students will learn to drive both standard and automatic transmission.
  • A willingness to work around extra-curricular activities and schedules.

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